Vision Construction Celebrating Veterans During Fiesta 2011

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SAN ANTONIO TX — It’s that time again…Fiesta San Antonio 2011 is upon us! As we gather as a great big familia in San Antonio to celebrate Fiesta 2011, please keep in mind some key events that Vision Construction holds dear to our hearts: 1) Air Force at The Alamo. 2) All Veterans Memorial Service 3) Earth Day

Let’s take some time to celebrate our Veterans! Here, at Vision Construction, we are reminded to celebrate the fine men and women serving our country. It is with great appreciation and sincere thanks that we are able to celebrate our Fiesta San Antonio while our military families continue holding down the fort while their loved ones are away! In the true spirit of San Antonio, I can proudly say how blessed we are to live in such a wonderful city! So many wonderful people participate each year, bringing joy and laughter to so many locals and tourists! Vision Construction takes great pleasure being part of the Westside community. Since we opened our doors back in June 2010, our business has flourished and been blessed with opportunity.

On the same token, Earth Day is coming this Saturday, April 9 at Woodlawn Lake. Our planet has been in existence longer than we can count, and it has provided us such beauty, and resources that have sustained our way of living for centuries. Vision Construction is an avid supporter of sustainability construction, and environmentally friendly products. It is with much emphasis that we proudly support of local environmental issues. Recycling is one of the main ways we can contribute as a community to ensure a bright future for our children and their children. Let’s pass on a healthy Earth, and work together to support our environment for the safety and well-being of one another.

From all of us here at Vision Construction, we wish you a safe and fun Fiesta time! Take care!