We have you covered with our extensive Bonding Level: $10MM single / $16MM aggregate

1. OUR RELATIONSHIP: We listen to your needs and carefully analyze all project aspects to devise the best plan and options available.

2. OUR COMMITMENT: Vision’s agreement to our Client includes an utmost commitment to quality, safety, program management, and cost effectiveness. We strive to provide YOU with the best results possible.

3. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Our Project Managers are highly trained and will develop a personalized Project Management Plan for each project. They work to construct contingencies for unforeseen issues such as inclement weather delays or road conditions impacting traffic that may affect assignment timetables. Our approach assures the Client that the project remains on schedule.

4. SAFETY & QUALITY CONTROL: Vision’s commitment to Safety and Quality Control are the reasons behind our success at the worksite. We assure our Clients that all practices are performed in conformance with the plans and specifications established under the contract requirements. With safety being a high priority, Vision believes in continuous training and education as the best tools to keep everyone alert and prepared.

5. COMMUNICATION: Vision firmly believes in continuous and consistent communication. This is why understanding your needs, budget, and schedule is our priority. We work hard to communicate project changes and consider your feedback critical to our success. We want to work with you in accomplishing your vision.